7 Main Take-Aways About Anthem From EA's E3 Conference

We've just seen a lot about Anthem - here are some of the main points of interest.


There were some big games shown at E3's conference at E3 - uh, sorry, 'EA Play' - and the biggest, which we saw in most detail, was Anthem.

Anthem, the newest game from Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer Bioware, was teased at E3 2014 and revealed properly at E3 last year. Now the final release date has been confirmed (22 February 2019), there will be no more E3s until its release.

People are very interested in its success. Bioware are a beloved developer but their last project, Mass Effect Andromeda, wasn't successful or popular, and new mechanics in Anthem like a multiplayer open world haven't gone down very well. It's safe to say that Anthem could go either way.

EA finished their pre-E3 conference with an extended look at the game through a trailer, and an interview with some developers and a gameplay footage. From it, we can glean some new insights about the game.

7. A Post-Apocalypse Story


At the beginning of the trailer, the narrator says, "the gods vanished, and left our world in chaos," while the camera pans over what looks like an old, ruined battlefield. This combination gives heavy clues as to the backstory of the world - major events have altered it and shaken it.

The developer interview gave us some more cryptic clues about the world. It was described as "unfinished by the gods. But the gods left behind their massive tools". What these tools are isn't certain yet.

Bioware has been known to set its games in worlds that are living in the shadow of historical events. Both Dragon Age and Mass Effect are technically set in post-apocalyptic worlds, having been ravaged by the Blight and the Reapers respectively.

This likely means Bioware has planned out a significant amount of lore for the world, to be revealed piecemeal throughout the game.

We also find out about the Anthem from the title, although that's just as vague. The Anthem of Creation is a mysterious force that is in conflict with the gods' tools, and its a force that the antagonistic Dominion think they can harness.

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