7 PS4 Games To Consider Before Committing To A Console

Last week, I made a list of Xbox One games you should consider before laying your money down for the…

Patrick Dane


Playstation 4 Design Last week, I made a list of Xbox One games you should consider before laying your money down for the console. Although, if we are considering all the elements, that is only half the picture in reality. While you should definitely consider what Microsoft are doing with their games, you should also definitely consider what movements Sony are making with theirs.

Sony have been playing a fine tune since E3, one that many fans are happily skipping to. It is shaping up to be a really good platform with a ton of great features. There is a massive emphasis on it as an open platform to promote indie and personal projects that means that the library of games will explode fast and be ever growing. On top of that, Sony obviously have their myriad of studios under their wing from God of War’s Santa Monica Studios to The Last of Us and Uncharted’s Naughty Dog. That creates a promise to their gamers that even if they aren’t all announced right now, there will be world class games coming in the future.

Sony have always been committed to making the PlayStation ‘future proof’ and with such a strong studio structure and a console that is at its base, more powerful than the Xbox One, there is no reason why Sony won’t be producing incredible experiences for their console for years to come. They have a longer track record of shipping more ‘evocative’ games so I can see that being the case further into the PlayStation 4’s life.

However you will notice that the list is shorter than Xbox One. That is because, pre-gamescom, Sony have just announced less exclusive games. So while the future is undoubtedly bright, the console may end up relying on a lot of third party games before it really starts churning out its exclusive gems. There are other games that are exclusive to the console, but as awesome as it is, Octodad: Dadliest Catch probably isn’t going to factor into your decision.

So in the interest of fairness and painting a complete picture, allow me discuss the 7 games you should consider before putting your money down for a console.