7 Reasons Far Cry 5 Could Be The Most Controversial Game Ever

White America is angry.

Even the first picture released by Ubisoft to introduce Far Cry 5 caused some 'speculation', to say the least. Indicating just how much the developers were leaning into a caricatured version of the American South, we saw a character later revealed to be The Father, the main antagonist, as Jesus during the Last Supper:

Far Cry 5

Later, an announcement trailer on YouTube included allusions to the game's overall tone, though we got our first glimpse at a couple of potential protagonist designs, causing a slightly more mild stir. That said, it was the official Ubisoft conference at E3 - accompanied by the first look at extended gameplay - that ultimately led to could be described as an actual outrage.

Even though Far Cry 5 won't be released until the end of February, it's subject matter is already widely commented and analyzed. But is the outrage actually justified? Why have some groups found the game so offensive? Is the game really quite so controversial? Can it actually be the most controversial game of all time?

Let's try to answer these questions by looking at what we know about the game so far.


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