7 Reasons Why GTA 6 Should Be Grand Theft Auto London

6. London Is A Hugely Popular City


London is a popular centre for tourism and attracts over 14 million international visitors per year, making it Europe's most visited city and attracts 27 million overnight-stay visitors every year. As the GTA games are so influenced by Hollywood, we should not forget that London has been the setting for many films, tv shows and other computer games, so GTA should follow suit (again) and set their sand-box king in one of the most popular and oldest cities on the planet. In GTA London you could watch Trooping the Colour or The Changing of the Guard, get involved in football riots, punch traffic wardens in the face, sabotage the Boat Race, amuse yourself by playing €˜Spot the American€™, fly a kite, enter the Commons and the Lords (the two Houses of Parliament in The Palace of Westminster) and go inside the HMS Belfast. Enjoy a bit of culture when causing mayhem on the streets of London!

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