7 Reasons Why You Should Be Worried About The Nintendo Switch

Let's be honest...


Are you jazzed about the Nintendo Switch? Or faintly curious, skeptical, side-eyeing the pre-order posters and wondering if it’s worth dropping half your lottery winnings to play at launch? The days of prolonged and concerted marketing blitzes for Nintendo consoles that were wham-bam-in-your-gamer-face, bringing joy to literally every gamer’s heart, have gone. They died sometime around 2007.

I mean, sure, Mario and Zelda are always going to be awesome - like a Spielberg movie, even the bad ones are better than the next best thing (mostly, anyway). Starfox could go either way at this point, and for the console itself, it's touch-and-go.

I'm sure many would love their hearts to pound over a new Nintendo console, but that probably hasn't happened since the 'purple fun-box' that is the GameCube. The Wii was novel, sure, but designed for people who like playing games with their gran, and like around 5.75 billion other people, I’m still trying to work out what the Wii U actually was.

Can the Switch turn Nintendo’s luck around before they go the way of Sega, or worse, Konami, psychotically churning out mobile games? It won’t be easy, there’s plenty about the Nintendo Switch to concern core gamers.

This message brought to you from a place of love, not hatred.


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