7 Ridiculously Hard Boss Battles Hiding In Easy Video Games

7. Brock - Pokemon Yellow


In the original generation of Pokemon Game Boy games, players were given the choice between grass-type Bulbasaur, fire-type Charmander and water-type, Squirtle.

No matter who you picked, you’d have a decent head start at the beginning of the game, able to tackle the first gym leader Brock with a decent advantage. Even Charmander’s ember would deal a decent amount of damage, despite not being super effective against Brock’s rock-type Pokemon.

But you didn’t have Charmander, or Bulbasaur, or Squirtle in Pokémon Yellow, did you? You loved the TV show, and got a Pikachu. Little did you realise that this carefree monster training adventure would begin with the harshest type disadvantage possible.

Not only are Pikachu’s lightning type attacks completely ineffective against Brock’s hard rock and ground specialisation, but the other pokemon in your team are likely to be so under-leveled that they’ll get steamrolled by Geodude’s tackle and stun-locked by Onix’s bind.

The rest of the game is comparatively very easy, but this first encounter is one hell of a hump you have no choice but to get over.


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