7 Most Unique Boss Battles Of All Time

Celebrating the lost art of like, bosses not sucking.

When it comes to boss battles, players often have a lot of expectations riding on what should be a great experience. These are, after all the events that mark the end of one arc in a game€™s story, and the transition to the other, and they should rightly be considered the full stops and climaxes to the action that builds up throughout the arc. More often than not, however, developers tend to either turn to a more repetitive nature in their fight formulas or reduce the bosses to just normal enemies with more health. To do so is reductive to the game experience, and dilutes the impact of the actual boss label, and gamers invariably react badly when they're given something so underwhelming in what should be the crowning glory slot of the game they've invested their time in. But of course that doesn€™t apply to all games and a few creators have taken the time to conjure up a fight that has left us speechless. Some are unique, innovative and hugely impressive - as they should be - and to celebrate those great moments in game bosses, we've put together a list of seven of the most unique. As something of a disclaimer, I have chosen to exclude turn-based battle related fights as their design format limits any major uniqueness that can be conjured up. Also, there won€™t be multiple representations from a single franchise and realize that these are unique boss battles, not bosses themselves.

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