7 Upcoming Video Games That Have Ignored Massive Mistakes

Does Days Gone even stand a chance at success?

Days Gone

Making a video game isn't easy; with projects being in development for years at a time, it can be difficult for the creatives on board to take a step back and properly assess their work in the context of an industry that moves faster than EA at the chance to sell you in-game items you don't need.

Consequently, sometimes a release is on the horizon which is so blatantly making a mistake, yet the developers can't seem to see it. Fans know there's a problem, with big titles being shown off at one major press event after another that are clearly falling into the exact same traps so many other storied games have fallen victim to.

At the very least, when a botched title comes out, you expect studios to learn from their mistakes no matter how deep into production they are, but these upcoming releases seem to be in blissful ignorance about repeating the same problems that have crippled so many other major blockbusters in the past.

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Days Gone
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