7 Upcoming Video Games That Will Waste Their Biggest Selling Points

Come on, Video Game Industry. Pull the other one.

Crackdown 3

If the finely tailored suit of gaming is advertising and stylish trailers, the lifeblood, adrenaline and essence of everything within is hype. We LOVE being excited about new projects, picking apart potential story possibilities or wondering about how it'll feel to soar through some all-new game world.

It's what made God of War so inviting, Spider-Man so easy to leap into and something like Detroit: Become Human so fascinating to live in and experiment with. No doubt, capitalising on months and year's worth of buildup can also be a huge financial boon to any game's release - providing everything lands as promised.

The flip-side is of course, when all this goes wrong. Even Spidey couldn't escape the godawful likes of #puddlegate, and though that's dried up, it highlights the question: Just what are you selling your game on?

If it's graphics, they need to be immaculate. Gameplay? Innovative and tight. World-building, characters, time periods and more? There needs to be a throughline of intent and purpose, carried from first look to launch, as anything else can spell disaster.

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