7 Video Games With Enormous Hollywood Movie Potential

Nevermind the naysayers, Warcraft isn't the end.

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2016 promised the unthinkable - the year that Hollywood would get the video game adaptation right with both Warcraft and Assassins Creed seeing big budget releases.

Warcraft had the incredibly talented Duncan Jones at the helm, fresh off of the success of Moon and Source Code, and as an avid fan of the franchise, fans and critics alike hoped that he would be able to bring his sensibilities to a genre in dire need of a fresh lick of paint.

Unfortunately, Warcraft was torn a new one by critics and flopped commercially in all major markets bar China. It may have been a film that diehard fans loved, but it had to appeal to those not well versed in Warcraft lore in order to be a success. Unfortunately, Jones couldn't pull this off.

Now the pressure falls on Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender. Whilst still images and trailers have so far painted a stylistic tour de force with an incredibly gifted cast, forgive me for feeling wary that his will end up being another subpar blockbuster adaptation of a radically popular franchise.

It's not all doom and gloom, though.

If the end of days comes to pass and Assassin's Creed falls on its own hidden blade, the games industry is full of diverse intellectual property ripe for Hollywood to exploit.

Let's take a look at seven fan favourite games perfect for the big screen...

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