7 Ways Ubisoft Killed For Honor

7. Removed Maps

For honor

One of the biggest and strangest occurrences to happen post-launch was the sudden disappearance of several maps from the game. Nearly completely unannounced, the 'River Fort' and 'High Fort' arenas were no longer included on the roster, severely limiting the number you could play on.

Coinciding with this was a situation where a lot of players found themselves repeating the same areas over and over again. Despite there still being a number of different maps to pull from, the game cycles through the same three, resulting in sheer playability growing very stale, very fast.

Now, whilst the disappearance of the maps and the restricted options were explained away in a small post on one of the forums, it was still sudden and out of nowhere. Most casual players had no idea where a large portion of them went, and why they were stuck in the same loop of three maps.

All of this would have been fine, but there was no communication. Instead they just upped and vanished, limiting the content of the game and turning a lot of players away.

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