7 WWE Video Game Moments That Were Flat Out Weird

6. Crush Hour In General

WWE Crush Hour

Who doesn't want to hear legendary announcer Jim Ross excitedly proclaim that, "Rob Van Dam has picked up the twisty rockets" or that Trish Stratus just ran Brock Lesnar off the road and caused him to burst into a ball of flames? Welcome to WWE Crush Hour, a 2003 creation from THQ that awkwardly encouraged players to "Layeth The Rubber Down" with over 30 WWE stars.

The general gist of this absurd experiment in wrestling video game history is that Vince McMahon has taken over television. As a result, TV is now known as the WWE Network (how's that for foreshadowing?) and McMahon needs different shows to fill up his channels.

On one station, Kane hosts a cookery show. On another, the WWE roster pay tribute/rip off Twisted Metal and engage in some vehicular combat. There's not a wrestling ring or wrist lock in sight as names like RVD, Stratus, Lesnar, The Rock and more blow one another up in the name of healthy competition.

At least it was more entertaining than WCW Backstage Assault.

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