8 Classic Star Wars Games You Have To Check Out

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DISCLAIMER: As a child of the '90s, I do not claim to have played every Star Wars video game available. I have, however, since Episode I, played most worthwhile LucasArts releases. This list, therefore, is a compendium of the eight classic Star Wars games that followed in the wake of The Phantom Menace. In a galaxy far, far away ... George Lucas is sitting pretty on a heaping pile of money. Having milked the Star Wars franchise dry, Lucas took one last squeeze from his tired, old cash-cow when the rights to the series were sold in a well-publicised deal with Disney. Since then, excitement has been slowly building. For the video gaming world, however, this excitement does not necessarily stem from the rumoured returns of Mark Hammill and Harrison Ford. Neither does it peak at the revelation of J. J. Abrams's directorial appointment. No, for the video gaming world, the return of Star Wars can mean only one thing - more tie-in releases. The industry has been yearning for a sequel to Battlefront II; so too has it begged for another shot at the Old Republic. With any such luck, this new breath of life should have a domino effect, meaning that these desires could soon be a reality. Until then, though, we can but celebrate what we already have. With a glut of gaming releases to its name - spanning a period of three decades - the Star Wars gaming series has come to be adored by almost every person who refers to themselves as a gamer. Regardless of whether or not you're a fan of the films, you're most certainly a fan of the games. In light of that remark, thus follows this list of the 8 Classic Games You Have To Check Out. Due to the sheer wealth of Star Wars video games available, only one game per series has been included in this list. For example, the Battlefront series, which spawned the excellent Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel Battlefront II, could only feature once in this list - this has been done for the sake of variety.
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