8 Crazy Video Game Fan Theories That Actually Improve Games

Wait... is Mario actually the villain?!

Mario Villain

You have to love a good fan theory - some are so engaging that they actually improve films, and even the most ludicrous can actually have some basis in fact (when you really think about it) €“ and the colourful world of video games has given birth to hundreds in the past.

Some are just plain idiotic, with no logic or reason behind them €“while others are the furious and obvious attempts of disgruntled fans seeking to fill in the gaps of an unsatisfactorily developed game. Bless them.

But sometimes, those theories actually improve the games they focus on, and these eight chosen theories from around the web are just a few examples. Hold tight for eye-opening and game-changing theories about Pokemon, Super Mario, Portal and Animal Crossing that put a whole new spin on some of your favourite games.

Here are 8 Crazy Fan Theories That Actually Improve Games...

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