8 Disney Worlds For Kingdom Hearts III Which Would Be Far Better Than Toy Story

"You got a friend in me"... Oh, buzz off!

Square Enix

The sight of Buzz and Woody interacting with Sora, Donald, and Goofy is something gamers have clamoured to see for a long time, and it will finally become a reality in 2018 when Kingdom Hearts III lands on store shelves (haha, good one). If you were to ask any Kingdom Hearts fan where they were when Toy Story was confirmed as a world for its – in name only – third instalment, they’d quickly tell you: cloud nine.

But, when taking a step back and not looking at everything with nostalgia tinted goggles, is Toy Story really a world you want to explore? Sure, the game’s presentation “looks just like the movies”, but, when thinking about fighting waves of Heartless on Andy’s giant driveway and street, it isn’t as enticing and magical as exploring other Disney worlds which don’t resemble the mundanity of reality in any shape or form.

Now, before you decide I’m worthy of being executed for blasphemy, know that everything said is coming from the perspective of a Toy Story fan. It’s just that, with Tetsuya Nomura confirming that there will be lesser Disney worlds, a good trade-off between quantity for density, Toy Story feels like a waste. There are more imaginative and obscure Disney locales for the Kingdom Hearts cast to get sucked into. Here's just some for starters.


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