8 Easy Steps To Transform Your Room For Gaming Nirvana

title Remember those old commercials featuring the family sitting down to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of video games? Oh sure, you may have noticed odd things, like how this particular bunch of people had the really expensive, elite edition console. You might have noticed that, wow, they were all stunningly good looking in a non-threatening way, for some weird reason. And if you squinted, you might have even picked up on some actual gameplay of whatever they were trying to advertise. But after all that, how could you not notice the room they played in? This mythical family had a games space that was a cross between an arcade, a high-end furniture department and an exploded toy store. Like a Zen garden for gamers, where inner peace went to the MVP. And here€™s how you can have your very own.

Step 1 €“ Preparation

First, it goes without saying that you need a space. Do you have a spare room, man cave or private niche that you have total creative control over? €˜Cause I€™m not going to bail you out if your landlord isn€™t fond of what you€™ve done to the place. If you€™re good, get to work €“ great art starts with a blank canvas, so clear out the old rubble. Identify windows, exits and power outlets. Oh, and maybe get a bucket of paint to cover up that apricot pink that seemed like a good idea oh so long ago. It might be messy, dusty work, but it€™ll be worth it when you€™re sitting back in your own personal UNSC combat deck or LittleBigRoom. Click "next" below to begin Step 2...
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