8 Fatal Flaws That Stop Nier Automata Being A Masterpiece

2017's game of the year? Not quite...

PC Gamer

Nier Automata is a good game. In fact, if you found me in the right mood I'd probably say that Nier Automata is a great game. But despite the almost universal praise that's being heaped on the title's storytelling and the way it toys with player expectations, the latest release from legendary cult developer Yoko Taro is far from perfect.

Which is a shame, because Nier is undoubtedly a title unlike anything else out there at the moment. Between its unapologetically wacky narrative to its everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach to game design, the game doesn't comfortably fit into any particular genre, as it lovingly plucks elements from every major release throughout the medium's storied history.

In a sea of increasingly redundant games, Automata stands out as a shining example of a title unafraid to go against the grain. But by attempting to piece together every part of video game history into one rich tapestry, Nier can feel like a patchwork of ideas rather than a complete whole.

Just because it does something different doesn't mean that Automata is without criticism, and there's a few crucial mistakes the game makes that constantly drag it down from being the modern masterpiece it could have been.


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