8 Hilariously Broken Games You Won't Believe Were Released

00 Although we love to complain, gamers these days are truly spoiled. We have an incredible depth of choice when it comes to the games we play and the way we play them. Over time, gaming has evolved at an incredible pace and got us to a place where games will no doubt eventually be considered "art" on a par with movies and TV series. But just like movies and TV, gaming has its fair share of stinkers. For every "Breaking Bad" or "Goodfellas" there's a "Batman and Robin" or "Agents of SHIELD." What's most frustrating is that while that form of entertainment mostly comes down to a matter of taste, video games can be bad for technical reasons as well as being just plain rubbish. Fortunately depending on your outlook, these broken games can sometimes be considered enjoyable. Some of them are so bad they're good. A video game version of "The Room," if you will. In this list, we will look at 8 games from gaming past that were so hilariously broken that we can't believe they even saw the light of day.
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