8 Horrific Things Detroit: Become Human Makes You Do

Betrayals, bombs and LOTS of killing.

Detroit Become Human
Quantic Dream

After years quietly tinkering away on their follow up to the much-maligned Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream have finally released their first PS4 game, and the reception has been as divisive as ever. Even before it hit shelves the title was mired in controversy - thanks to its incendiary early trailers as well as some pretty horrible accusations against Quantic Dream's management - but the end result is no doubt one of the studio's strongest efforts.

Whether you love or hate David Cage's on-the-nose brand of storytelling, it's undeniable that his studio has packed a ridiculous amount of branching pathways and conclusions into their latest game. The vast array of choices present in the release is downright ridiculous, meaning no two people will feel their way through the title in the exact same way.

But there is one commonality between different playthroughs: Detroit will make you resort to doing some horrible, horrible things.

This dystopian tale is an unrelenting one, with no easy solution to any problem, meaning that occasionally you're going to have to get your hands dirty, or pay a terrible price for not doing so.


Note: Spoilers follow for the entire game.


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