8 Hotly-Anticipated 2018 Video Games (That Will Get Delayed)

Will Anthem join Death Stranding in the "not in this lifetime" club?

Anthem Game

After a series of high-profile reveals across 2016 and '17, players have more than enough promising releases to look forward to going into the next year and beyond. With all the major publishers showing their hands though, and with so many plates being spun at once, it seems inevitable that some of them are going to come crashing down.

Unlike other mediums, delays in the video game world are incredibly common, and consequently there's a good chance that many of the upcoming projects slated to drop over the next few months will be pushed back either as a result of the game's quality not being up to snuff, or merely the market being too crowded to accommodate one-too-many releases.

While nobody ever wants to have to wait longer for a game they're looking forward to, it should be noted that a delay only ever results in a better title than one players would have received otherwise. It sucks that these releases might be pushed back a few months, or even out of the year entirely, but when they do eventually drop they'll hopefully have been worth the wait.


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