8 Hotly-Anticipated 2018 Video Games (That Will Get Delayed)

8. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human

Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human is gearing up to be a real comeback for David Cage's iconic studio. Throwing players into a futuristic world where robotic slaves are starting to rebel against their human masters, the narrative-driven game is looking to build upon the myriad of choices and outcomes that define the developer's releases, pushing them to a level never-before seen in a game like this.

The title is allegedly set for the first half of 2018, but considering just how ambitious the game is, there's a good chance it could get pushed to later this year. The last we heard from the project the developers were attempting to thread the different choices, scenarios and potential outcomes into one unified whole, with the end result either making or breaking the experience.

It seems like a lot of work is still needed, and considering the performance capture for the game - pretty much the crux of the entire experience - only wrapped in September, the current state of the title might not be as polished as the flashy trailers would have you believe.

After five years away, Quantic Dream need Detroit to be a hit, and it's easy to see this exclusive slipping a few months to ensure it hits the mark.


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