8 Incredible Video Game Mechanics You’ll Never Get To Play

8. A Game-Changing Lighting System - Dark Souls 2

dark souls 2 gutter

Dark Souls is a game that hinges on its difficulty. And that difficulty is always manufactured around the situations that you are pushed into and how you choose to deal with them. Do you rush down certain enemies or play it slow and safe, clearing room by room.

So, with that in mind, FromSoftware came up with a unique lighting system that forced the player into gruelling situations. Situations where you have to choose between a torch and a shield. Whether or not to push on through the darkness or rush back to a bonfire. It seemed like the next step in making Dark Souls even better.

What happened? Well, the game got a graphics downgrade and the all the dark areas were as obscuring as a forest fire. We got glimpses of the intended mechanic in the Scholar of the First Sin edition, but even then it was a pale imitation of what should've been a game-changing system.

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