8 Insane Things Video Game Developers Charged Money For

£3 to unlock some nipples - you game?

The Saboteur

In this day and age, we the video game consumer have to put up with a fair amount of bull-poop when it comes to actually enjoying our paid-for content.

Not only did we have to weather the storm of pre-orders and season passes, but then we got the microtransactions, the loot boxes and the slew of DLC in every game on top of the original price entry point.

In short: it’s exhausting. But what really boils gamers' p*ss is when you see developers trying to sneak mad things under our noses - and then have the gall to try and charge money for them! These are the worst examples of our purses being pointlessly prised open.


8. Easy Fatalities - Mortal Kombat X

mortal kombat x fatality
NetherRealm Studios

When you think of Mortal Kombat you obviously think of two things: 1) that Cassie Cage is even more annoying than her dad and 2) fatalities. The fatality is a staple part of the franchise allowing you to destroy your opponent in absolutely disgusting ways. Mortal Kombat X dialled up these scenes to horrifying levels. but NeverRealm also rounded up the dirty when they tried to charge for “easy fatalities” that'd basically replacing the combo you’d normally have to put in with a single button press.

The devs claimed it was to help people see all there was to offer in the game, but in reality it was to cater to a crowd too stupid or lazy to learn the move inputs (or look the fatalities up on YouTube). If you can’t remember a button combo in a fighting game, maybe you should try something else?

The best thing is is that if you Google easy Fatalities, you'll find multiple forums asking what the hell is the point of them and why anyone would buy it. Yet you know someone out there has, and I hope they feel guilty for it.

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