8 Marvel Superhero Video Game Concepts That MUST Come True

God of War's axe physics are begging to be imitated.


Spider-Man's latest outing on PS4 was brilliant. It included a story made up of characters both new and old, and managed to tell a great story with them, as well as nailing the feeling of being the wall-crawler.

Admittedly, Spidey has had a fair few outings, and with a Marvel game universe seeming more and more likely there may finally be a chance for other characters to have their own, playable experience.

Each hero has their own set of abilities, so attempting to cram them into one genre, gameplay style, or even developer would be near impossible. So, with that said, here are the concepts I think should see the light of day.

After all, the web-slinger shouldn't have all the fun...

8. Daredevil Receives The Arkham Treatment


One of the more prevalent requests from Marvel fans, this concept may be pretty close to games we've already played, but who can resist more Daredevil?

As those of you who have played the Arkham games will know, the combat system that Rocksteady created is one which almost perfectly fits with the fighting style of the Bat, but it's also one which would fit with a certain devil of Hell's Kitchen, with the two both being expert martial artists.

Plus, using Dardevil as the protagonist would explain some of the less believable elements that prevailed in the DC's series: detective vision? Matt's radar senses. Warning signals for when enemies are about to attack? Radar senses again (you get the idea).

Many have been able to replicate the gameplay of the Arkham series, with even other Marvel properties borrowing heavily from it (looking at you Spider-Man), so the process of creation wouldn't exactly be impossible, nailing it is what would be the trouble.

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