8 Marvel Superhero Video Game Concepts That MUST Come True

7. Thor - God Of War Style


Sony Santa Monica's most recent output was nothing short of fantastic. A game which somehow managed to seamlessly translate a character from one pantheon of gods to another, as well as evolving the gameplay style to one which was radically different to those that came before.

This game, God of War, drew from the same mythology that the Marvel version of Thor was based upon, many of the elements found within being shared between both, and Kratos' new axe being especially reminiscent of good ol' Mjolnir, it's no surprise that many a fan would be craving for the team to create a similar experience focused around everyone's favourite Odinson.

Sure, some things would have to be different (with the difference in the worlds of and abilities between the two protagonists), but with the talent over at SIE, we're certain that a Thor game of high standards would not be a tall order, just imagine, the younger incarnation of Loki could join you on your quest, and then Thor would have an excuse to call him 'boy' throughout.

Though, in the more than likely event that developing responsibilities do not fall to the God of War studio, then whoever does end up being worthy should definitely look in their direction for inspiration.

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