8 More Biggest Gaming Jerks

A little while back, I published my very first What Culture article about the 7 Biggest Jerks In Gaming. The…

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A little while back, I published my very first What Culture article about the 7 Biggest Jerks In Gaming. The article consisted of a list of gaming characters who, for one reason or another, I considered to be massive douchebags.

A couple of months have passed now and I feel it is now time to look at some more of gaming’s biggest a**holes.

Some of the characters on this list may intentionally be jerks because they are the villain of the game that they star in. Some may be good guys who just provoke ire from deep within the gamer’s soul. Some may even be a character that we, as the player, control and are therefore a reflection of the innate inner douchbaggery that lives within us all (Spoiler: One of the entries is TOTALLY that last one.)

There may also be some spoilers so please be wary!

“All right, time’s up, let’s do this…”


8. Captain Onishima (Jet Set/Grind Radio)


Set in a future version of the Japanese capital Tokyo, Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio as it was known in North America) centres around a group of inline skating teens who cruise around the city, tagging the streets with their spray painting ability.

Featuring revolutionary graphics and an absolutely killer soundtrack, this game also features one of the biggest jerks ever to appear in a video game – Captain Onishima of the Tokyo-to Police Department.

In the game, there are times when the police will try to stop you from painting the streets with your graffiti (which is fair enough, being that it’s illegal and all.) Usually, this involves multiple officers chasing you down the street and attempting to tackle you to the ground.

Captain Onishima, on the other hand, takes a very different approach – straight up murder.

Onishima will chase you down the street, ridiculously large pistol in hand, and attempt to shoot you in the back of the face.

This outrageous overreaction on his part (among others – I mean, he calls in tanks and choppers to take down a group of teenagers, for crying out loud) makes me wonder how this asspiece still has a job…