8 Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 Exclusives Of 2018

8. Days Gone

When it's out: TBC 2018

What it is: An ambitious (and welcome) new IP from Sony's in-house SIE Bend Studio, where surviving the elements in post-apocalyptic America is the least of your concerns.

That's right, folks, Days Gone is one more zombie (insert groans here) survival sim being added to the oversaturated market, dampening any potential excitement for its arrival. But there's still hope that Bend can do enough to set the generic-sounding premise apart from the swathes of other genre stalwarts.

Sony would do well to focus on trumpeting Days Gone's freeform, non-linear structure, as well as the platter of activities Deacon St. John can engage in, besides culling the herd of undead. Overexposure to mindless zombie (or Freakers, in this case) slaying is a surefire way to kill what little buzz there is for the franchise hopeful.

We'll see what else Sony has to show before Days Gone's launch rolls around later this year, but right now, cautious optimism, with a side of apathy, is the current mood.

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