8 Nintendo Franchises That Need To Come To The Switch

8. WarioWare


Each time Nintendo releases a console, it's not soon after that they pump out a WarioWare game that utilises its various unique features. Every game in the series feels like it's been fine-tuned for the console it appeared on, like the microphone and stylus puzzles in WarioWare: Touched! for the Nintendo DS, and the excellent use of the accelerometer motion controls within the Wii remote for Smooth Moves.

With the motion sensors and haptic feedback already bundled into each Joy-Con, it seems like a complete no-brainer for the talented team over at Intelligent Systems.

They could easily come up with a host of ridiculous microgames that would be perfect as a fast-paced party game, whilst also utilising a famous face that we know and love. The series staple of picking a nose with the 'HD Rumble' feature could be both gross and hilarious, and they could even create fast-paced cocktail shaking, intricate laser-pointed labyrinth puzzles and so much more.

The amount of scope they have with the wealth of controller options and docking system lends itself naturally to a WarioWare game, so let's hope we hear an announcement soon.


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