8 Premier League Teams As Video Games

Ten of the current Premier League teams matched up with a video game perfect for their personality.

Leicester Undertale
Toby Fox/Leicester City

With the recent release of EA's FIFA 19, the world of video games and Premier League football intertwine once more as fans up and down the country begin to complain once again about the "f*cking bullsh*t!" responsible for their online defeats, rather than their complete lack of skill.

But what if video games and Premier League football were even closer? It’s long been known that football teams have personalities, natures, philosophies. The Old Trafford faithful bemoan Moyes, LVG and Mourinho abandoning ‘the Man Utd way’, while Paul Clement was once bizarrely sacked for not playing ‘the Derby way’, whatever that is.

And considering they were only 5 points off the top at the time, if that’s not the Derby way, perhaps the Derby way is no great thing.

Games are no different. Some have very serious personalities, others much more light-hearted and fun. Some games hide their secrets deep in their lore, others shout what they’re about from the rooftops. Sometimes, the personalities of these games and teams match up so perfectly, it’s impossible not to compare them.


Stacey Henley is a published author, avid gamer and all-round nerd. She can most often be found roaming through vivid expansive spaces and discovering the world around her, but only in video games. In real life, she mostly stays home.