8 Premier League Teams As Video Games

8. Man City - Dark Souls

From Software/Manchester City

Kicking off (geddit?) with the cream of the Premier League crop, Manchester City can only be the punishingly difficult Dark Souls. One mistake and it’s not so much ‘You Died’ as it is ‘Aguerooooo!’ banging one in the top corner.

Like Dark Souls though, there’s always a trick, always a sneaky little way you can topple the behemoth. Sure, it might take another team getting whacked 6-1 the week before for you to figure it out, but some teams have managed it.

Liverpool took City to school in the Champions League last season, while newly promoted Wolves more than matched them earlier in the year.

Expect to see the likes of Salah, Hazard and Kane employing the old duck and roll to try and get past John Stones and Vincent Kompany this season.


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