8 Secret Video Game Enemies You Must Find

M... Morgan Freeman?!


Any avid video game fan knows developers love their secrets. Whether it's slapping their faces onto everything in-game to devising secret rooms full of easter egg treasure, devs like to have a bit of fun with those invested enough to go poking around their weird and wonderful worlds.

But it's encounters that make the trekking, battling, and grinding all worth it. From urban legends and mythological creatures to their own bizarre creations, there's something wholesome about interacting with something new when you thought you'd seen it all.

Nothing more wholesome than finding something special... And then brutally murdering it, of course.

8. The Cow King - Diablo II

Blizzard Entertainment

With the drama surrounding Blizzcon's exclusion of Diablo 4 in full swing, it seems fair to throw our minds back to a happier time, when Blizzard celebrated its fanbase with one of its strangest - and by extension most brilliant - additions to the Diablo lore. The Cow King came as an answer to repeated rumours of such a boss existing in the first Diablo game, conjured up in response to the dialogue that happened when interacting with your average cow friends: "Yup! That's a cow alright." Seems innocuous enough, right?

Well yes, right. The cows in the first Diablo were exactly that. In Diablo 2 however, a secret cow level has been put in place where the player can actually get toe-to-hoof with the bovine baddie himself, a bipedal cow man with a giant spear that summons a whole herd of similar farmyard friends for you to defeat. All it takes is defeating the game, heading back to the first area, and opening up a portal to the dimension of cow.

Blizzard have repeatedly made fun of the cow rumours in plenty of their releases, even using 'There Is No Cow Level' as a cheat code in Starcraft. Question everything, folks, you might just get the king of hell bovine as a reward.


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