8 Terrible Decisions Made In Horror Video Games



Whether it’s the shambling of a corpse freshly risen from the grave, or a demonic spawn of Satan throwing prams and nannies about like they were made of paper, horror as a genre is something that is deeply rooted, loved, and analysed by our society.

It’s that unknown fear of what lies beyond our understanding of death, and a pervasive unease that comes from modern life that manifests in tales of monsters and madness. It’s also something that’s been heavily embraced by video games as players seek to uncover mysteries and avoid being munched on by all sorts of nastiness.

Yet, as is true with horror films, if you’re going to make it to the end, you’re going to have to be smart. No running upstairs when Jasons on the ground floor, no bringing a toaster to the water levels in Amnesia and don’t even think about eating that feast in Resident Evil 7.

It’s a shame that the entries on this list do the exact opposite, and are perfect examples of what NOT to do when sh*t hits the fan.

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