8 Totally Broken Parts Of Great Video Games

Like a beautiful sports car... with a massive scratch.

IO Interactive

Year to year, games are only growing in scale, and with that comes a greater chance of certain aspects being neglected or bugs missed.

This is surely only going to become all too common, as hundreds - if not thousands - of developers band together to bring us increasingly large triple-A experiences. Though "known shippable" is a term used by developers when it comes to bugs and glitches the team just can't squash before going gold, for the most part, broken features of these games are baked into the very DNA of the product (just ask Bethesda).

For two generations developers have had the ability to patch games an excessive number of times, often feeling like what you're playing is being held together with no more than string and plasters. Somehow these have either been missed, or are just such an integral part of the game that the very framework would need to be re-engineered.

Be wary, and have an emergency save on standby, as conversations between players and studios can only help so much.


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