8 Video Game Endings That Had More Questions Than Answers

"It's not a lake, it's an ocean." Yeah... WHAT?!


Grinding your way through hours of gameplay is near always worth it to reach that gratifying, clarifying, and oh-so-satisfying ending. Whether it's figuring out the meaning of art itself or just simply getting to smash the face off the biggest and baddest boss imaginable, video game endings are designed to give a fitting finale to all the time and love we pour into them.

Or at least, so you'd think.

Sometimes, the time we're given on screen just isn't enough to figure out what the hell has been going on for the past 20+ hours, and you're left scratching your head at an ending that was supposed to provide the goods. Is it really worth playing all that Final Fantasy for characters to just fade out into the wind like a lost fart?

You tell me.

Ambiguous endings are both some of the most frustrating and perfect finales to our favourite series, and even though we may never be given definitive answers or know the truth - half the fun comes from watching people guess, nyway.

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