8 Video Games That Faced Development Hell (And Turned Out AMAZING)

Not every troubled game turns out like Duke Nukem Forever.

Overwatch tracer

Unlike movies, when a game enters development hell, there's a good chance it will eventually release in some form. Whether it takes five years or ten, even the most plagued projects from throughout the industry have made it to shelves after a bit of tinkering, often overcoming massive changes in technology and trends in the process.

That doesn't mean they end up being any good though. For the most part, these storied titles (like Duke Nukem Forever), which suffered through more "will they/won't they?" drama than a 90s sitcom, limped onto shelves with black eyes and broken bones, feeling immediately dated and nowhere near up to competing with the most recent releases.

Occasionally though, developers have been able to pull off the impossible, and drag a game out of development hell to critical acclaim and financial success, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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