8 Video Games That Reward You For Not Playing Them

It's time to get very good at the waiting game...


Playing video games can be addictive. They're fun, relieve stress and are a nice way of briefly escaping the real world. Besides, many video games reward players for putting in time and effort; learning news skills and a mastery of how certain mechanics work.

Video games are rarely, if ever, passive and thanks to things like Quick Time Events, even their more cinematic elements now encourage engagement. Whether that be dodging attacks or engaging in swift and exciting combat, even games that aren't action-orientated generally require the player to be thinking critically about what it is they're seeing and what they're trying to achieve.

In most games though it's still technically possible to do nothing at all, it's just that there's no reason to do so. So what's unique are games that reward you for it. Inactivity goes against the very nature of video games, which makes the titles that acknowledge it all the more fascinating.

From a game that practically beats itself if you do nothing to a boss that literally dies of old age if you wait long enough, here are eight video games that reward you for not playing them.

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