8 Ways Call Of Duty Can Screw Up By Returning To Its Roots

8. Keeping The Same Familiar Mission Structure


I appreciate this will only apply to around 1% of everyone who plays Call of Duty, but they really need to sort out a decent story campaign. Doesn’t have to be high art, but a step up from their usual popcorn-movie nonsense would be nice, with an engaging campaign that has memorable highs and lows.

You know, like it did first time around.

Here’s the basic mix-and-match mission structure for every COD ever: The sniping mission, the tank mission, the stealth mission, the airborne mission, the run-and-gun mission…

Doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, regardless of your setting, is only going to make what could be a refreshing break, feel just as turgid as Ghosts.

Anyone brave enough to battle through the solo campaign just does it on auto-pilot for the achievements anyway, rather than to witness war from a new perspective.

When was the last time a Call of Duty game did that?

I’ll tell you – the first two Modern Warfare games. Think All Ghillied Up, No Russian and Death from Above. These challenged the usual bang-bang quests found in the genre, mimicking the type of footage seen every night on the news, and gave us experiences that were exciting and adventurous.

Want to go back to your roots? Let’s return to the idea that we were real-world soldiers fighting a real-world war with real-world consequences.

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