8 Ways Rocket League Could Be Even Better

Custom online teams, power-ups - and fix the punishment system.

Rocket League was without a doubt the surprising hit of 2015, thanks to the simple concept of rocket-powered cars smashing a ball into the opponent€™s goal being incredibly addictive. The sheer success Psyonix has experienced is nothing less than deserved, with the game being downloaded by roughly nine million people to date. The success it€™s had is remarkable for a game that was originally available for free through PlayStation Plus. To that end, season two has since been released, and has made some improvements to the game we all love to play, yet there are many features that Psyonix have left out. Hopefully in the next few months the developer will begin to release further updates, which would only be a welcome sight for gamers. Even though Rocket League has done so many things right, here are eight ways it could get even better.

8. New, Immersive Stadiums

Rocket League currently has six arenas for gamers to play on. All are visually gorgeous to look at, the dynamic lightning and texturing highlighting various unique features and copious amounts of personality. All of them are fun to play on, with boosts pretty much being placed in the same positions apart from the latest edition, Wasteland. With the game attracting increasing amounts of players though, it would be cool to see Psyonix design different maps in new environments. The dusty Wasteland map was released as part of the €˜Chaos Run€™ DLC. It was a throwback to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-cars, and it€™s been well received with the Rocket League community thanks to being something completely different from the norm. One of the newest features in Season Two is the addition of Rocket League Labs. It offers new, experimental maps for gamers to play on, with some veering off the traditional, circle arena. This feature has gone down well with the community, but we're yet to see it in action. It would cool if alongside the crazier shapes arenas can take, weather conditions could affect gameplay; such as arctic settings like the Christmas-themed map. Alternatively, remove gravity altogether and carry on from where 2015's Mutators left off. Either way, Psyonix seem set on offering us unique experiences, which will only enhance the replayability of the game going forward.

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