8 Ways Rocket League Could Be Even Better

7. Cross-Platform Parties

One feature Rocket League has seamlessly integrated is cross-platform matchmaking. Many games involve either PC or PS4 games which only increases the size of the community and players available in servers. Unfortunately, Xbox One players won€™t be cross-platforming to either system due to restrictions and complications in place. Despite how well Psyonix have included this feature, there still isn€™t any way to invite friends from another platform into your own party. There are most likely a host of technical issues and hurdles that would cause a series of problems, and depending on how compatible PSN and Steam are together, it could be a logistical nightmare. But imagine if Psyonix are able to pull it off, allowing PS4 and PC users to cross-part with one another. Again, voice chatting is going to be another issue, but hopefully it€™s something they could work around. If this feature is ever introduced into Rocket League, fans who have friends on another platform would be entirely grateful.

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