8 Ways Titanfall 2 Blows Battlefield 1 Out The Water

7. Respawn Times Are Almost Instant

Titanfall 2

If there's one thing that's even more infuriating than being wiped out on a continuous basis, it's waiting for a respawn timer to count down so you can get back in the action. Reloading a save or checkpoint remains one of the most aggravating things in gaming, and especially online when you're 'in the zone' or feel unfairly cut down in your prime, the only thing you want to do is get back up asap.

Hell, Battlefield doesn't even boot you back into the game with a default countdown. If you don't hold square/X, the meter to respawn won't even appear. It's a strange choice, and one that factors into why the basic loop of multiplayer is that little bit more stilted than that of Titanfall.

Consequently, die in Titanfall 2 and you'll be right back on the ground in a second or two - sometimes right where you were before, ensuring you can take the fight back to the swine who put you down. Better yet, if you die with your Titan's meter filled, you can deploy right back into the fray inside your hulking mech companion.

On the face of it, these things may seem minor or inconsequential, but in the thick of gameplay they make all the difference.

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