9 Anticipated Video Games You Won't See Again Until E3 2019

Announced, showcased, demoed... not out until next year(?!).

CD Projekt RED

With E3 2018, as with any E3, not everything is going to pan out the way we hoped. Not all the games will be good, some will come with controversial add-ons like loot boxes, and others might even get cancelled by the strange way the games industry works.

But perhaps the worst kind of letdown happens after E3, when fans realise they're not actually getting the games shown off until the following year. They'll maybe get a teaser or two, an interview with a developer, but really, we won't hear anything about it until the next E3.

With the fantastic age of gaming we're in, it takes a long time to make a great game, and this means development cycles are long. A game might be teased at an E3 years prior to release, with expectant fans getting sadder year by year as there is no word of a release date.

Of the games shown in E3 2018, there are a few that clearly won't be released any time soon, and others that were suspiciously lacking a release date - likely because they're a way off too.


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