9 Anticipated Video Games You Won't See Again Until E3 2019

8. Crackdown 3


Another cracking announcement at Microsoft's conference was another trailer for Crackdown 3, the sequel to beloved Xbox exclusives Crackdown 1 and 2 (obviously). A superhero series that began before superhero frenzy reached fever pitch, the game could be an appreciated callback to older, campier and sillier styles of superhero-dom.

Unfortunately, Crackdown 3 is super late. When announced at E3 2014, it was slated for a 2016 release - and still isn't out. Apparently the game's superpower is invisibility.

Technically Crackdown 3 is supposed to be released in February 2019, but since its release date keeps getting pushed back, it's highly unlikely it'll be out before E3 2019.

At the very least, it won't be released too long after E3... hopefully.

Given that its release date of February 22 is also meant to be the release date of both Anthem and Days Gone (although the latter is a PS4 exclusive) there's a lot of competition for the game if they do keep the release date. Better to push it back further, and let E3 2019 be the marketing push it'll need.


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