9 Celebrity Voice Actors Who Completely Ruined Their Games [VIDEO]

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x26y8i8_9-celebrity-voice-actors-who-totally-ruined-their-video-games_videogames It's been a long slog for video games. The industry has gone from 3 blips on a screen to beautifully rendered, immersive worlds in just over 40 years. It's done a lot of growing up. Naturally €“ like TV before it, it's challenging every other available medium, and we don't think we know anyone that hasn't owned a console or played some form of game in the last 10 years. Budgets have increased infinitely and you get a lot more out of a game time-wise, than you do out of an episode of Thrones or that new film you've been dying to see. So it's only a natural progression that, with the increase in budgets and public awareness, games started turning to celebrities for their voice talent. This sounds innocent enough, it's cool for the actors to try a new medium and it's awesome to sit down with a game and recognise a character's voice (or be blown away when you realise who's actually behind the mic!) But sometimes it just flat out sucks, doesn't work and takes you out of the experience. What was supposed to be a great, depth giving performance turns into something on par with Nic Cage screaming 'NOT THE BEEEES!' for 10 hours. Sometimes it makes you feel that the extra million dollars or so would be better spent elsewhere. Unfortunately there are a pile of awful celeb voiceovers out there - But luckily for you, we've compiled them into one shiny video for your viewing pleasure. This is 9 Celebrity Voice Actors Who Completely Ruined Their Games!

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