9 Critically-Panned Video Games That Players Love

9. Mad Max

Lord Scabrous Scrotus Mad Max
Avalanche Studios

Metacritic: 69

As sure as night turns into day and day turns into night, WhatCulture Gaming will always champion Mad Max. The underrated open-world tie-in from the developers at Avalanche Studios is one of the most authentic movie adaptations ever, a fact which fans have come to understand in the years since its release despite the critics writing the title off immediately.

That may have been because, on the surface, the game appears to be just your regular sandbox blockbuster. Unlike your average Ubisoft release though, everything packed into the wasteland of Mad Max feels substantial and integral to the game's overarching mechanics.

Sadly, it was overlooked entirely by the industry back when it released in 2015, with other huge names like MGS V and Fallout 4 taking the limelight. Fortunately, the post-apocalyptic shooter has been embraced as a cult hit since then, but tragically it still hasn't hit the level of success necessary to warrant a follow up.

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