9 Flawed Video Games That Became Perfect After Release

9. Driveclub

Driveclub ps4

In the run up to its release, Driveclub couldn't catch a break. Delayed multiple times and initially promised as a free game to promote Sony's Playstation Plus service, the racer struggled to hit its release date multiple times, eventually dropping in 2014.

However, even with all that extra time for polish, Evolution Studio's first major PS4 game crumbled when players finally got their hands on it. Being barely playable at launch, the servers collapsed under the weight of people picking up the title, with Sony deciding to postpone the PS Plus version indefinitely to stop even more players from tanking the online features.

Since then though, Evolution turned Driveclub into one of the best racers of the current generation. Releasing both free and paid DLC, content was constantly being added and features, like the dynamic weather system, were improved to the point where the title arguably became just as good as Gran Turismo.

It took longer than it should have to get there, but Driveclub is the best racing game currently available for PS4.


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