The representation of women in video games has been quite a pertinent issue of last year or so. Issues like Anna Saarkisian’s Women vs. Tropes, The Hitman Absolution trailer, comments about Remember Me and most recently, the Dragon Crown controversy about the design of the game’s Sorceress character have pushed it to the forefront. It is an issue that brings all sorts of wild responses and quite often, heated arguments.

Women and video games have quite an interesting past: from the exploitative characters to the great and interesting female characters, it has always been an intriguing debate.

Personally, I have always been a staunch supporter of the feminist movement and I have spent quite a while forming my opinions on the whole issue. I think it is an incredibly healthy debate for the industry to be having and I always try to approach it with positivity, even the whole issue can cause some gamers blood to boil.

So allow me to discuss some of the facets of this incredibly important and progressive debate that I have spent hours and research forming my entire opinion around. Perhaps you might agree, perhaps you might staunchly opposed me but at the very least, I would love to start a healthy discussion between us.

Here are my nine steps to addressing sexism in gaming…

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This article was first posted on May 6, 2013