9 Image Changes That Totally Killed Your Favourite Video Game Characters

8. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Of The Titans)

Crash Bandicoot
Naughty Dog

Another character that went through puberty like a rebellious goth who wanted attention from all four corners of high school, Crash's post-Naughty Dog exploits involved buddying up with lifelong nemesis Cortex in 2004's actually-not-that-bad Twinsanity, before sprouting the mother of all desperation signifiers: Tribal tattoos and a mohawk.

Like the living embodiment of market research, Crash's appearances across the late 2000s were horrendous; awful mixtures of faux 90s radicalism mixed with other developers attempting to ape the mentality Naughty Dog had when first designing him.

Now in 2017 - some nine years after the last instalment - Sony have thrown up their hands and gone "FINE! You win! We can't do anything right, have a remaster!", to which all of us who never wanted anything other than to remember Crash through the lens of the original trilogy anyway, finally got to celebrate.

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