9 Most Disgusting Things Video Games Forced You To Do

Sever the finger, or abandon your kidnapped son?

Across the late 2000s, games seemed to suddenly realise they could throw you into all sorts of horrible moral quandaries, just to watch you squirm. Directors like David Cage would hit and miss through extremely divisive games like Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, whereas developers Lionhead and Rockstar would inject more subtle consequences for actions you didn't even know were being monitored in Fable 2 and GTA IV respectively. However, like any entertainment medium, all that's left to do once the cards have been dealt is go bigger and better every time. More harrowing choices, more awful consequences, more feelings, dammit. It's resulted in some of the most memorable moments in gaming history, and not always ones you have full control of - or even for the most tasteful of reasons - although providing it got everyone talking, that was probably the end result anyway. You can be the judge on whether a game utilised its polarising subject matter for good or bad after checking out the following, and leave your own disgusting moments you were forced to play through for the sake of completion in the comments below.
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