9 New Video Games To Look Out For In June 2017

9. Tekken 7

What Is It?

Tekken 7 (Actually the ninth in the franchise, but who's counting?) is the latest iteration of Namco's genre-defining fighter, the first on next-generation consoles.

Tekken 7 introduces a slew of new gameplay features, from a cinematic story mode chronicling the Mishima Family to new battle techniques to use in fights. Rage Arts and Rage Drives, stylish super moves usable at the end of your health bar, give a new cinematic flair and a comeback mechanic for players on the losing end of a match, and also new to the game is the Power Crush, a strong armoured attack that ignores counter attacks.

Fighting games are never the easiest to get into, but the introduction of new combat mechanics give new players options to rely on in the heat of the moment. Coupled with intricate move lists over 100+ combos long, Tekken 7 marks a grand return to form, creating a game that will have meat on it's bones for years to come.

When It's Out

Tekken 7 dropped on 1 June for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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