9 Simple Ways To Fix Star Wars Battlefront 2

1. Level-Lock Star Cards

Star wars battlefront 2

Let's zero in on the biggest repercussion of having an entirely random progression system: The fact that everything online feels immediately imbalanced, and targeted progress can only be made once you've acquired enough random Crafting Components to purchase specific Star Cards.

Yes, kill-counts unlock more weapons, but that's it for a direct causal link between performance and reward. Battlefront needs a connection between performance and progression that can't be taken advantage of by microtransactions. Take Call of Duty 4, where each rank up came with more perks and weapons, attachment mods had "Kill X number to unlock" goals and everything else was more specific (like getting a certain number of headshots).

All of this meant progression was tied to skill and time invested, so in Battlefront 2, do the same. Even if random loot drops stay, level-lock them so players can't equip too high a buff without first putting the time in. The main issue is that you could pay to "pull the lever" all afternoon until your requisite melee damage, shield defence and radar invisibility stats are the highest tier, so replace with something that matches card level to player level, and immediately we have a progression that isn't pay-to-win.

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